We fully appreciate that the quality of our patients lives depends on our commitment and expertise. Patient and physicians agree. Our reputation speaks for itself!
Terry W collage

Terry W. is a happy PRS patient. He completed physical therapy treatment to his lumbar region and on his recent trip to England and Ireland has been walking and enjoying the sights pain free!

Hello, Mary! We had a fabulous trip to Greece. Thanks to your expert therapy we were able to navigate just fine. We were achy and exhausted by the end of each excursion but certainly capable! Rich’s cane never left the bottom of the suitcase!  Here are some photos we thought you might want to see. The first one is at Santorini, an island with the town built on a cliff. You can see him on his way down the steps in the blue shirt. The second one is right next to the Parthanon and the third is on his way down the steps from the Parthanon. The ascent is 230 feet. We found out when we got there that not only are there many steps but, due to the millions of visitors to these places, the steps become polished.  This makes them not only steep and uneven, but very slippery.  Thank goodness we had no rain while we were there.  I think that would have made them impassable. We certainly celebrated with champagne the evening we left Athens!

-Peg Durachko

Stephanie has helped me tremendously in addressing (and understanding) a lot of my pain issues. I have been so pleased with the time and effort she has put into helping me. Many thanks!

-Donna D.

At the suggestion of my rheumatologist, Dr. Angela Stupi, I was to start physical therapy for lower back pain that radiated across the right side of my back, down the outer side of my leg. I wasn’t sure where to get therapy but decided to try Physical Rehabilitation Services even though I lived fifty miles away.

I am very glad I chose them. At the onset of therapy my pain was severe. Stephanie was my therapist and I received excellent care. She was caring, understanding of my needs and helped relieve my pain using various modalities. She and Kathy were very accommodating with my scheduling and it was a good and helpful experience. Thank you!

-Eleanor P.

I experienced a bad fall one night and shattered my femur. Following two surgeries, I found myself in a wheelchair.

Based on a recommendation from a close friend, I turned to PRS. Slowly graduating from the wheelchair to a walker to a cane, I now walk freely with no assistance and was able to return to my job. They are incredible. They have all the patience on the world. What a great group of therapists!

-Addy S.

I have been active my whole life. After undergoing a total knee replacement followed by manipulation under anesthesia, I attended physical therapy at another facility. I worked out three times a week for over three months. They put me on machine after machine, but I was only able to partially bend my knee (80 degrees). I felt like I had a peg leg. Unhappy with my lack of progress, I turned to PRS. Using a variety of treatment techniques including manual therapy, I was able to bend my knee to 125 degrees after three months! They had a great routine with me and paid attention to the details. It was a great experience. They treat you one-on-one.

-Dennis M.

Bill, I want to thank you so much for all you did for me. My shoulder was stubborn and you never gave up on me. I am thankful for all the time and effort you put in to making my shoulder much better. Thank you.

-Gail K.

Bill, Mary, Dave, Stephanie, Abby & Staff —

Thanks to all for such excellent care and personalized attention. I feel better and will do my best to keep up the exercises! I would certainly recommend you to anyone.

-Beth L.

Jacob S After being accepted as a JAG Officer with the U.S. Army, but before reporting to basic training, Jacob sprained his ankle. He tried to “self-heal” for a while, but with two weeks left before his report date, he came to us for the first time. When he first showed up, he could not run without severe pain in his ankle and heel; an obvious problem for someone about to enter a military career.

After two weeks of physical therapy, Jacob is pleased to report that he is now running without discomfort. While he will continue his exercises to regain full strength, Jacob says “Bill and all the staff at PRS helped me make tremendous strides in a short time period. Without their help, I am sure that I would still be hobbling around. I cannot thank them enough for the therapy and encouragement.

Walter Boyle Former Marine Walt Boyle has led an extremely active and fit life. In an instant, Walt’s life changed. While outside with his dog, he slipped on a muddy hillside, catching his foot on some debris, and tumbled down the hill tearing his quadricep muscle from the bone. Walt underwent surgery, wore a brace, developed a blood clot and underwent a second surgery. He attended physical therapy with minimal success, and was told, “That may be as good as it gets.” Unwilling to accept his pain and limited range of motion, Walt sought additional medical advice and started physical therapy with PRS. Within a few weeks, his pain reduced, he gained additional range of motion and he continues to progress today. “I’m walking,” he says. “You would never know what happened to me.” Crediting their experience and personalized approach in treating his situation, Walt responds, “These guys are my guardian angels.”

Marion Koch Marion Koch leads a healthy and active life. She takes vitamins, attends regular exercise classes, stretches and walks on a regular basis in addition to caring for her husband. Recently, she succumbed to a debilitating condition. “The pain in my leg was so bad, I could hardly walk,” says Marion. Referring to a stabbing pain in her upper thigh, Marion pursued medical treatment. Multiple attempts at relieving her pain proved unsuccessful. Unable to find relief, her massage therapist suggested physical therapy and recommended PRS. Using a variety of treatment techniques and a personalized approach, Marion quickly found relief. Today, she is pain free and able to resume all of her activities. “I am so thankful,” she says. “They really helped me.”

Louise Sutton Louise Sutton believes in staying active. She walks, swims, volunteers at a hospital gift shop, her church and with a children’s charity where she is currently helping with their signature fundraising event. Like many older adults, Louise suffers with osteoarthritis, a form of arthritis that occurs when the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones wears over time and stenosis, a narrowing of the open spaces within your spine which can cause pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. She turned to PRS for help in reducing her pain. “I was so impressed with their integrity and competence,” she says. “Their positive attitude permeates the entire staff.” Louise continued to explain that her therapist also tested her balance and suggested preventive measures she could take to avoid falling. She describes her experience with PRS as valuable and believes it has helped her maintain doing all the things she loves to do.

Vertus Jones As an athlete, Vertus Jones knows what it means to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A former wrestler and now assistant varsity wrestling coach, Vertus subscribes to the health triangle, a tool that helps gauge the mental, social and physical aspects of life with the goal of achieving balance in all three areas. When he found himself suffering with low back pain as the result of a bulging disc, he turned to PRS for help. “Physical therapy is an important of the healing process,” he states. “They were with me every step of the way. My physical therapist made it a great experience.”

J. Kernion at berkeley Half Marathon J. Kernion at berkeley Half Marathon
“On the advice of a friend, I scheduled several sessions at Physical Rehabilitation Services for therapy on a deeply pulled calf muscle. I had been training to run a half-marathon in Berkeley, California for almost six months and injured my calf just two and a half weeks before the race. I was concerned that my leg would not have enough time to heal and that all my training would be for naught. I was doubly disappointed because my son and I planned to run the race together, something we have wanted to do for a very long time. Since I am fifty-five years old, and my body doesn’t recover from injuries like it used to, I wasn’t very hopeful that I could participate. Under Physical Rehabilitation Services’ guidance the therapy began to make a difference after the first week. At the end of the second week I felt that I had a chance to run the race. On the morning of the race, my calf felt great, and although it tightened up after mile eight, I was able to finish the course in first place for my age group. Thanks Physical Rehabilitation Services, I couldn’t have done it without your help!”

-J. Kernion

“Excellent care and communication… the best therapists in the area… the only place I would send my family members.”

-Local referring physician

“I am so pleased with my progress… I feel as though they gave me my life back!”

-D. Barnard

“The early morning start times were helpful for me to come regularly and still maintain my busy schedule.”

-P. Redman

“I had physical therapy in the past at another facility and never looked forward to it. My time and experience at your facility was enjoyable and really helped me to understand the importance of doing therapy everyday.”

-R. Mannas

“This was an extremely positive experience. I have had PT at another facility but my experience here was so significantly better and with a significantly improved outcome.”

-M. Miller

“I never had a problem scheduling the times I needed.”

-L. Young

“I went directly from my PCP’s office to speak with the therapist and he was able to evaluate me immediately, on his lunch hour.”

-S. Francis

“Staff members were extremely pleasant and made me feel that I was strongly supported in all aspects of my rehab. I would recommend your facility to anyone in need of excellent rehab care!”

-N. Kushon

“I just want to thank the staff for their wonderful compassion and healing hands. You are a great team.”

-J. Malone

“I hardly ever had to wait at all, I always arrived a few minutes early and was taken right away. The office staff always greeted me with a smile.”

-C. Lawhead

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